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    101 Quran Stories and Dua


    101 Quran Stories and Dua is a richly illustrated collection of 101 great stories told in simple language that children will easily understand and relate to. Each story comes with delightful illustrations and a beautiful prayer. The book includes well known tales of the Prophet Adam, the Prophet Yusuf and his brother, the Prophet Yunus and the whale and last messenger of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad ³ to name a few. It’s a unique experience the whole family will cherish and revisit again and again!

    Special Features

    • 101 interesting stories

    • Delightful illustrations

    • 101 beautiful Quran prayers

    • Quran quotes and references.

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    Dear Ramadan : A Daily Diary


    Dear Ramadan, we welcome you with joy and gratitude!

    Dear Ramadan A Daily Diary gives your children a place to preserve their Ramadan moments through colourful daily entries, while teaching them important facts about this beautiful month in a fun and interactive way.

    Dear Ramadan,

    We love you!

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    ICO Islamic Studies Textbook: Grade 3 (Light Version)


    Grade Three:
    At this levels manifestation of the Greatness of All in and through the creation and importance of Ihsan are emphasized. Quranic studies include the memorization and recitation of soorah an-Naba’ through soorah al -Inshiqaaq , together with basic explanation of those soorah . Students are introduced narratives of Prophet Muhammad. The worship section deals with Adhaa, obligatory times of prayer and importance of perfuming Salah with congregation. Proper care of the masjid and other public property is stressed. The Grade concludes with Lessons on the importance of developing good manners towards one’s neighbors and others

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    ICO Islamic Studies Textbook: Grade 4 (Light Version)


    In the Grade Four curriculum, the greatness of Allah and the importance of ihsan (excellence) are emphasized. Quranic studies includes the recitation, memorization, and tafseer of Surah al-Naba’ through Surah al-Inshiqaq. Students are introduced to the Prophet Muhammad’s biography. The worship section deals with obligatory times of prayer and the importance of performing prayers in congregation. Proper care of masjids and other public properties is stressed. This level concludes with lessons on the importance of being a good neighbor.

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    Islam for Teenagers


    Islam for Teenagers (28096)

    A simple guide explaining common issues faced by teenage Muslims. This book covers a wide range of challenges that Muslim adolescents face as they develop. Teenage brains work differently than adults when they make decisions or face problems. Their actions are guided more by the emotional & reactive process and less by the thoughtful & reasonable way of solving problems.

    Topics covered:

    2.Backbiting & Slandering
    3.Beard & Haircuts
    5.Clothing & Accessories
    6.Companions & Friends
    7.Cursing & Swearing
    8.Drawing & Photography
    9.Drug & Alcohol
    10.Free Mixing
    11.Games & Sports
    12.How To Treat Your Parents
    13.Imitating the Kuffaar (Disbelievers)
    14.Lowering The Gaze
    15.Manners & Character
    17.Recitation & Memorization
    18.Respect Your Elders
    20.Singing, Music & Dancing
    22.Social Media
    26.Violent Behavior

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    Juzz Amma Pep Cards


    The Positive-Empowering-Proactive (PEP) question cards offer a practical way to implement lessons from the Qur’an. The exquisite, themed illustrations on the front of the cards are based on selected verses from Juzz Amma. Behind each card are a PEP question, a verse from the Qur’an, and Islamic principles. 

    The Islamic principles are conversation starters meant to get people thinking. They promote self-examination(Muhasiba), reflection (Tafakkur), self-awareness (Muraqabah)spiritual excellence (Ihsan), and adherence to the Qur’anic principles. You can use them by yourself or start a discourse in group settings such as Qur’an circles or self-development coaching, training, or as a teaching tool.

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    Khadijah: The Story of Islam’s First Lady

    • We’ve stuck to authentic historical sources, so the story loses nothing of its original iman elevating inspiration.

    • We weaved a flowing narrative that renders a seamless reading experience.

    • We’ve crafted the book with a large text layout making it accessible for young readers as well as adults.

    • You’ll find that the rich descriptions immerse you within the scenes.

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    My Ramadhan Journal


    A wonderfully presented Ramadhan Journal, encapsulating the beauty of the blessed month, by offering an interactive and engaging way to make the most of the auspicious moments and month of reflection.

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    Ramadan Activity Book (Big Kids)


    The Ramadan Activity Book is the culmination of years of Ramadan-themed products that we’ve produced. The activities build on past products that have brought joy to tens of thousands of Muslim homes around the world. This book has every ounce of our creative energy poured into it.

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    Smart Teenage Muslimah


    Smart Teenage Muslimah An Inspirational Guide for Muslim Girls

    The teenage years are a time to dream big and gain confidence as a Muslimah. So why are you’ being encouraged to be self-absorbed materialistic and promiscuous?

    The myth is peddled that you will be happier if you’re less religious. But are the ideas society expects you to embrace good for your mental health and well-being? Concepts such as self-objectification, rampant consumerism and secularism.

    I want you to know that being a Muslim is the best thing in the world. You are truly blessed! Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

    Smart Teenage Muslimah is a thought-provoking guide for

    Muslim girls. In the book, you will:

    • Discover guidance from our sacred texts to achieve peace of mind

    • Understand the purpose of your life

    • Learn what Islam has to say about puberty and sex

    • Get the facts about LGBTQIA+, feminism and gender identity

    So, if you’re a ‘Smart Teenage Muslimah’ whose goal is to succeed in this life and attain jannah in the next: this book is for you.

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    Super Sahaba Stories

    • Character Building: Each story inspires faith, kindness, humility, and courage, providing valuable life lessons.
    • Vivid Illustrations: We don’t show pictures of the Sahaba, but the Learning Roots characters ‘enter the world’ of the Sahaba, allowing us to illustrate the stories with children immersed in the scenes from stories.
    • Educational and Engaging: This book masterfully blends entertainment and education, teaching faith, courage, and character through the heroic tales of the Sahaba.
    • Heritage and History: ‘Super Sahaba Stories’ nurtures deep appreciation for Islamic heritage and history, helping children build a strong sense of identity.
    • High-Quality: Meticulously crafted with special cover effects ensure this will be a book to cherish for years to come.
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    The Clear Quran Tafsir For Kids Volume 2 : Surahs 29-48



    1.It has been edited by kids for kids, making it very easy to understand.

    2.It utilizes the power of stories to explain Quranic passages.

    3.Creative illustrations capture the main theme of each surah (chapter).

    4. It provides answers to some of our kids’ most challenging questions about their faith, their Creator, an

    the world around them.

    5.Hundreds of background stories and words of wisdom make reading both informative and entertaining

    6.Learning points listed at the beginning of each surah highlight lessons that young students can expec

    to learn.

    7. Surahs are divided into themes, so that readers know exactly where to start and where to stop wher

    studying or memorizing passages.

    8 It empowers teachers, parents, and guardians to explain passages in a simple way that motivates chil

    dren to learn, love, and live the message of the Quran.

    9.Designed with Muslim kids in mind, so they can easily relate to its teachings and be proud of who they

    are. It is also suitable for reverts and non-Muslims interested in learning about Islam.

    10. Translation approved by Al-Azhar and endorsed by the Canadian Council of Imams and many scholars and educators.

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