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    Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle


    While joining together various pieces to discover a bigger picture of all the 28 Arabic letters, your child develops concentration and coordination skills. Your child will also learn about the sequence in which the Arabic Alphabet comes and words starting from these letters in English and Arabic. Children can also play search and find games while joining together the pieces and learning a lot of new Arabic words. 20 extra-thick cardboard pieces to piece together to explore about the space Beautiful and child-friendly artwork Easy-Clean surface keeps puzzle looking new Promotes hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills 28 by 44 cm in rectangular shape after assembled

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    My First Arabic Game


    My First Arabic Game

    * 10 Ways to Play * Learn Arabic Writing * Recognize Arabic Alphabet
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    5Pillars Board Game

    • It is the traditional family board game with a board, tiles, tokens, check-marks and 750 question cards on the 5 pillars of Islam (150 cards for each pillar that is separated into 5 difficulty levels).
    • In this game teams take turns to answer questions on the pillars of Islam at 5 difficulty levels. In exchange for answering correctly they win points and pillar tiles which they place on their team’s pillar on the board.
    • 5Pillars Fun Box is the traditional party-style activity card game similar to games like Taboo/Cranium/Pictionary.
    • It comes with a Sand-Timer, a Coin and 500 cards (250 Islamic trivia and 250 challenge activities which includes Acting, Drawing, BuzzWord and BrainTeaser).
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    Bismillah Bag


    • Beautiful Premium Glossy 18 page Arabic alphabet colouring book
    Pick up your crayons and jump inside the Arabic alphabet colouring book, have fun colouring in the pictures, whilst learning the letters and pronunciations of Allah’s book.
     Premium Glossy 18 page Colouring Dua Book
    Introduce a child you love to Duas from the Quran and Sunnah. With fun facts and tips about the benefits of learning each Dua; this book will In Sha Allah bring children closer to Allah, develop discipline, hope and confidence; teach to show obedience and thankfulness to our creator.
    • Muslim Sticker pack colourful stickers that will get children excited when learning about Islam and help parents make teaching Islam fun.
     Fantastic fun toys ‘Now which child doesn’t love getting toys!
    • Non-toxic and safe for baby crayons with quality standards that adhere to CE international standards
    • HMC Halal certified yummy Sweets for your tummies; delicious.. so enjoy!
    • Interactive learning through play that makes it a fun introduction to the basics of Islam
    • Suitable for ages 3+ years. (Although adults will love the Bismillah Bag too!)

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    Don’t Forget to Say Bismillah! by Farzana Rahman

    Hardcover, 32 pages
    Published June 1st 2010 by Little Moon Publishing
    0956586007 (ISBN13: 9780956586001)
    Edition Language
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    Hadith Challenge Game

    Author / Translator: Saniyasnain Khan
    ISBN: 8178984911
    Binding: Box
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    My Mat – The Alphabet Friend by Learning Roots

    Language English
    Publisher / Brand Learning Roots
    Author/Artist N/A
    Age Group 2 to 6 yrs
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    Quran for Kids. The Complete Holy Quran Laptop Toy. Entire Quran 114 Surahs


    Children’s Surah Laptop Toy Computer in Arabic Features:

    1. Full Quran – 114 Surahs

    2. Volume Control

    3. Playback controls

    Uses 3 AA Batteries required (Not included)

    For children 3 years and over. Every surah from the Holy Quran

    * The toy is Arabic only

    . * Volume is adjustable and the speaker is at the back of the product

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    Quranic Opposites


    he Quranic Opposites Puzzles are a set of 24 pairs of beautifully illustrated opposite words derived from the Noble Quran. In addition to understanding the concept of opposites, children will also become accustomed to words that are frequently mentioned in the Book of Allah. Once the words have been mastered, the puzzles can be used to assess the speed and accuracy of recall.

    The puzzle activity also develops cognitive matching skills. The puzzle pieces are produced on thick board with a gloss finish.

    Contents: 48 Puzzle pieces paired to form 24 sets each measuring approximately 12 cm by 12 cm.

    Suitable for early years (0-5) and primary aged children.

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    Remind me (Pack of 6 Illustrated Dua Reminders)


    Here’s one of the best ways to automate the remembrance of Allah in your home

    Are you remembering Allah enough? Do you wish you would remember to say your duas for the regular things in your life like eating, sleeping and entering your home? Do want your children to remember to say their duas too?

    What you’re looking for is a set of timely reminders that appear at the right places, at the right time, and tell you the appropriate dua for each time and place. That’s exactly what Remind Me does. And here’s how:

    • Remind Me covers six of the most common and repeated places that you visit around your home, giving you plenty of reminders.
    • Each card has a narrow portrait design so it can fit on virtually any wall in any home.
    • The cards show large Arabic text, allowing you to easily read the duas from far.
    • All the cards are headed by an eye-catching illustration to capture your attention at the right time and place.
    • The duas also include English translations so you can understand the words you are saying.
    • Most important of all, saying these words of remembrance keep you connected to Allah, protected from Shaytan and inspired throughout your day.
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    Sahaba Cards


    Your favourite Companions, Now in Your Pocket

    By now, you probably know that the Sahaba were legends, the likes of which this Ummah has never seen since their time. You know that they are so important for you and your kids to know about and take inspiration from.

    But there were so many Sahaba and keeping up with each of their stories is a maze at best. That’s where the Sahaba Cards come in.

    Sahaba Cards is a treasure chest of golden glimpses into the lives of the men and women around the Prophet Muhammad (S). The entire set makes it easy for you to grasp the lives of the Companions by:

    • Providing a summary of a Companion’s life, capturing their timeless legacy.
    • Covering the lives of both male and female Sahaba, so everyone can benefit from them.
    • Including 34 well-known and legendary Companions, so you have plenty of examples to follow.
    • Presenting their lives on pocket side cards that can be easily taken anywhere on the go.
    • Quoting what the Prophet (S) said about the Sahaba so you can see their importance and virtue.
    • Including a list of suggested games and uses for both groups and individuals so you can get the most out of the cards.

    Learning Roots were the first publishers in the world to pioneer flashcards on the Sahaba, and this product has been revised and revamped by popular demand.

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    SHHH…I m Praying (Boy)


    This adorable door hang is sure to delight the eyes and keep the heads down working. On one side is an ‘I’m Praying’ sign for the young worshiper of Allah and on the other is an ‘I’m Reciting’ sign for that avid Quran reciter. This door hang features an illustration of a boy on both sides. It measures 30cm tall and is produced on smooth laminate card.

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