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    Arabic Letters Activity Book


    This book will help get your child to LOVE learning to read the Quran

    • Is your child making slow progress through their Qaida?
    • Are they bored and frustrated in their lessons?
    • Do you find it hard to spare the time they need revising at home?

    If so, you’re probably worried this experience will associate bad memories with their Quran learning, which might even lead to them not reciting the Quran often when they are older, and then they’ll miss out on so much reward in this world and the hereafter, leaving you to feel frustrated, sad and regretful.

    You need a way to get your children excited about learning the Quran, speed up their learning progress exponentially, all from the comfort of your home, without needing to spend time teaching them.

    That will help them in making fun memories with learning the Quran, which will ensure they’ll recite it throughout their lives and benefit from the treasures of peace and guidance the Quran provides. And with that, you’ll feel at ease, happy and fulfilled with no regrets.

    What you’re looking for is something like the Arabic Alphabet Activity Book. At Learning Roots, we’ve been designing such solutions for children for over a decade.

    The Arabic Alphabet Activity Book makes learning fun through:

    • mazes
    • stickers
    • puzzles
    • spot the difference
    • matching games
    • sequence games
    • and so much more!

    All that fun gets your child super excited about the Arabic Letters, so they’ll love learning and look forward to lessons.

    The activity book covers letters in all their forms. Letters are the foundation blocks of words, so this makes the rest of their progress easier and faster, removing your frustration and building momentum in your child’s learning.

    Best yet, most of the activities are self-explanatory, so your kids can get stuck in the book, needing little supervision from you, leaving you stress-free with great results.

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    Bismillah Bag


    • Beautiful Premium Glossy 18 page Arabic alphabet colouring book
    Pick up your crayons and jump inside the Arabic alphabet colouring book, have fun colouring in the pictures, whilst learning the letters and pronunciations of Allah’s book.
     Premium Glossy 18 page Colouring Dua Book
    Introduce a child you love to Duas from the Quran and Sunnah. With fun facts and tips about the benefits of learning each Dua; this book will In Sha Allah bring children closer to Allah, develop discipline, hope and confidence; teach to show obedience and thankfulness to our creator.
    • Muslim Sticker pack colourful stickers that will get children excited when learning about Islam and help parents make teaching Islam fun.
     Fantastic fun toys ‘Now which child doesn’t love getting toys!
    • Non-toxic and safe for baby crayons with quality standards that adhere to CE international standards
    • HMC Halal certified yummy Sweets for your tummies; delicious.. so enjoy!
    • Interactive learning through play that makes it a fun introduction to the basics of Islam
    • Suitable for ages 3+ years. (Although adults will love the Bismillah Bag too!)

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    Islamic Manners Activity Book: Fatima D’Oyen, Islamic Foundation


    Islamic Manners Activity Book
    By Fatima D’Oyen
    Paperback 64 Pages
    ISBN : 9780860374633
    Size A4
    Publisher:The Islamic Foundation / Kube Publishing

    Suitable For Ages 5+

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    Makkah And Madinah Activity Book


    Explore the wonders of Makkah and Madinah with this fun activity book. Features dot-to-dot drawings, colouring fun, puzzles to solve and 63 stickers to stick.

    Part of a new activity book series that also includes:

    • Mosques of the World Activity Book
    • Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book
    • Praying Activity Book
    • Making Wudu Activity Book
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    Mosques Of The World Activity Book


    Mosques of the World Activity Book
    Stickers – Activities – Colouring

    By Aysenur Gunes
    Illustrations By Ercan Polat
    Paperback 32 Pages
    ISBN 9780860375395
    Publisher: The Islamic Foundation

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    My Quran with Pictures Juzz Amma Part 1



    • My First Quran With Pictures 2018: 1: Juz’Amma Part 1
    • The colouring book version
    • A colouring book of the small Surah’s in the Quran that are explained through engaging illustrations.
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    My Quran with Pictures Juzz Amma Part 1 (25 Short Surah’s)


    About The Book

    A children’s Islamic book that translates the simple meanings of Quranic verses into engaging illustrations. Helping your child visualise the simple meanings of the verses couldn’t get easier Alhamdulilah!

    Children memorise Surah after Surah of the Quran without knowing its basic meanings. Even as parents, we may find it difficult to explain it to them.

    With the help of this picture book, your children will be able to read Juz ‘Amma in Arabic and instantly know the basic meaning of the verses through engaging illustrations. It will help your children visualise the simple meanings of the Ayah. This will make the Tafsir and the explanations of the verses easier for them to grasp.

    This bright and colourful book will also assist memorisation of the Quran, making it so much more fun and enjoyable for them.
    This first volume of this two volume book series covers Surah Al-Balad till Surah An-Nas.



    • An-Nas (Mankind)
    • Al-Falaq (Daybreak)
    • Al-Ikhlas (Purification)
    • Al-Lahab (Fiber)
    • An-Nasr (Victory)
    • Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers)
    • Al-Kauthar (Abundance)
    • Al-Ma’un (Assistance)
    • Al-Quraish (The Tribe of  Quraish)
    • Al-Fil (The Elephant)
    • Al-Humazah (The Mocker)
    • Al-‘Asr (The Time)
    • At-Takathur (Competition)
    • Al-Qari’ah (The Shocker)
    • Al-‘Adiyat (The Racers)
    • Al-Zilzal (The Earthquake)
    • Al-Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence)
    • Al-Qadr (Decree)
    • Al-‘Alaq (The Clot)
    • At-Tin (The Fig)
    • Al-Inshirah (The Soothing)
    • Ad-Duha (The Morning Light)
    • Al-Lail (The Night)
    • Ash-Shams (The Sun)
    • Al-Balad (The City)
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    My Salat Fun Book

    Cover Paperback
    Author Tahera Kassamali
    Publisher Goodword
    Pages 29
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    Princess Adila And The Circus Tickets (Activity Book Gift Pack)


    Colouring and Activity Book includes the full story book and an activity to complete on each page.

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    Prophet Ismail and the ZamZam Well Activity Book (The Prophets of Islam Activity Books) Paperback

    • Age Range: 2 – 5 years
    • Series: The Prophets of Islam Activity Books
    • Paperback: 16 pages
    • Publisher: The Islamic Foundation (March 31, 2020)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0860377458
    • ISBN-13: 978-0860377450
    • Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 0.2 x 10 inches
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    Prophet Nuh and the Great Ark Activity Book (The Prophets of Islam Activity Books) Paperback

    • Paperback: 16 pages
    • Age Range: 2 – 5 years
    • Publisher: The Islamic Foundation (31 Mar. 2020)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0860376443
    • ISBN-13: 978-0860376446
    • Product Dimensions: 19 x 0.6 x 25.4 cm
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