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    Bismillah Bag


    • Beautiful Premium Glossy 18 page Arabic alphabet colouring book
    Pick up your crayons and jump inside the Arabic alphabet colouring book, have fun colouring in the pictures, whilst learning the letters and pronunciations of Allah’s book.
     Premium Glossy 18 page Colouring Dua Book
    Introduce a child you love to Duas from the Quran and Sunnah. With fun facts and tips about the benefits of learning each Dua; this book will In Sha Allah bring children closer to Allah, develop discipline, hope and confidence; teach to show obedience and thankfulness to our creator.
    • Muslim Sticker pack colourful stickers that will get children excited when learning about Islam and help parents make teaching Islam fun.
     Fantastic fun toys ‘Now which child doesn’t love getting toys!
    • Non-toxic and safe for baby crayons with quality standards that adhere to CE international standards
    • HMC Halal certified yummy Sweets for your tummies; delicious.. so enjoy!
    • Interactive learning through play that makes it a fun introduction to the basics of Islam
    • Suitable for ages 3+ years. (Although adults will love the Bismillah Bag too!)

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