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    Bukhour Burner

    • Incense or fondant burner
    • Use with candle
    • Very elegant with Arabic calligraphy patterns
    • Do not leave unattended
    • Leave out of reach of children
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    Colourful Badges


    4 diameter badge

    Indicate your choice at the checkout.

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    • Folding prayer mat, can also be seated
    • Very comfortable with its velvet fabric
    • Folds in 3, rigid parts serving as a backrest when sitting
    • 2 straps at the back to keep the mat in a seated position
    • Integrated pocket at the back of the backrest of the mat for your Quran or other
    • Ideal to take with you to the mosque during sermons or lessons
    • Easy to carry in its case with two handles, resealable
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    • Prayer mat child format
    • The random pattern: mosque, kaaba, arabesque …
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    Quran Inspiration and Motivation Jar


    Qur’an Inspiration Jar to support you in creating contemplation and reflection lifestyle wherever you are!

    A SOUL-LIFTING MESSAGE FOR YOU: These 31 mini note Qur’an verses cards on patience, gratitude, hope and reliance are great for daily doses of motivation and inspiration

    REFLECTION: Give yourself a dose of positive motivation, hope and encouragement to reflect on the go without feeling overwhelmed

    HAPPY LIFE: Create a Qur’an lifestyle. Dig in for a daily inspiration, fresh insights and guidance from the scripture

    IDEAL GIFTS: Great as a gift for friends, families, students, colleagues, or yourself. Each comes in a premium high-quality glass.

    SHARE WITH OTHERS: It is unique and suitable for inspiring yourself and others. “Give each other gifts and you will love each other.” Says The Prophet Peace be upon him

    HANDMADE: We put significant time and effort with handcrafting this Inspiration Jar to the best possible standard.

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    Wooden Quran Stand Medium size (Rehal – book/stand – Holder)


    Wood carving and colour may vary due to it being a natural item. – 13×6.7 inches suitable for A4 or A5 size Quran or Books.

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    Wooden Quran Stand Small size (Rehal – book/stand – Holder)

    Advice note: – Wood carving and colour may vary due to it being a natural item.

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    Mobile Bukhour Burner

    • Movable bakhour burner
    • Charges via USB. 
    • Practical for scenting your home quickly
    • You can put incense or bakhour in it
    • Incense is electrically burned
    • Leave out of reach of children
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    5Pillars Board Game

    • It is the traditional family board game with a board, tiles, tokens, check-marks and 750 question cards on the 5 pillars of Islam (150 cards for each pillar that is separated into 5 difficulty levels).
    • In this game teams take turns to answer questions on the pillars of Islam at 5 difficulty levels. In exchange for answering correctly they win points and pillar tiles which they place on their team’s pillar on the board.
    • 5Pillars Fun Box is the traditional party-style activity card game similar to games like Taboo/Cranium/Pictionary.
    • It comes with a Sand-Timer, a Coin and 500 cards (250 Islamic trivia and 250 challenge activities which includes Acting, Drawing, BuzzWord and BrainTeaser).
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    Bismillah Bag


    • Beautiful Premium Glossy 18 page Arabic alphabet colouring book
    Pick up your crayons and jump inside the Arabic alphabet colouring book, have fun colouring in the pictures, whilst learning the letters and pronunciations of Allah’s book.
     Premium Glossy 18 page Colouring Dua Book
    Introduce a child you love to Duas from the Quran and Sunnah. With fun facts and tips about the benefits of learning each Dua; this book will In Sha Allah bring children closer to Allah, develop discipline, hope and confidence; teach to show obedience and thankfulness to our creator.
    • Muslim Sticker pack colourful stickers that will get children excited when learning about Islam and help parents make teaching Islam fun.
     Fantastic fun toys ‘Now which child doesn’t love getting toys!
    • Non-toxic and safe for baby crayons with quality standards that adhere to CE international standards
    • HMC Halal certified yummy Sweets for your tummies; delicious.. so enjoy!
    • Interactive learning through play that makes it a fun introduction to the basics of Islam
    • Suitable for ages 3+ years. (Although adults will love the Bismillah Bag too!)

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    Digital Pen Quran Reader


    Users can choose any Surah, Ayat and page to listen

    * Support word-by-word function (Ibrahim’s voice)

    * 25 Quran translation voice for choices

    * 30 Quran languages voice for choices

    *Support Quran voice and Quran translation voice combination function

    *Support recitation voice speed adjustment

    *8g memory, support expansion to 16g

    *More functions: mp3, recording, volume +/-, repeat, play/pause

    *More Audios on books: Tajweed Rules, Sharah Almufadat, Hadith, Tafseer,  Al-Qiraat, Sabah Nuzul, Holy names, Daily Duaa…etc

    *Powered by 380mAh rechargeable Li-battery

    *Attached books: Qaida Noorania, Sahih Muslim, Sahih Al-Bukhari,Hajj&Umrah, Travel Dictionary

    *Accessories: charger, USB, bookmark card, manual, earphone

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    1. 10 / 20 Eid Mubarak stickers. 
    2. Ideal for the finishing touch of Eid gifts.


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