ICO Islamic Studies Textbook: Grade 4 (Light Version)


In the Grade Four curriculum, the greatness of Allah and the importance of ihsan (excellence) are emphasized. Quranic studies includes the recitation, memorization, and tafseer of Surah al-Naba’ through Surah al-Inshiqaq. Students are introduced to the Prophet Muhammad’s biography. The worship section deals with obligatory times of prayer and the importance of performing prayers in congregation. Proper care of masjids and other public properties is stressed. This level concludes with lessons on the importance of being a good neighbor.

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Publisher: ICO – International Curricula Organization
Weight: 0.544 kg
Barcode: 9786038053021
Pages: 233
Dimensions: (20.83 x 27.94)
First Publishing Date: 07/01/2017


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