ICO Islamic Studies Textbook: Grade 3 (Light Version)


Grade Three:
At this levels manifestation of the Greatness of All in and through the creation and importance of Ihsan are emphasized. Quranic studies include the memorization and recitation of soorah an-Naba’ through soorah al -Inshiqaaq , together with basic explanation of those soorah . Students are introduced narratives of Prophet Muhammad. The worship section deals with Adhaa, obligatory times of prayer and importance of perfuming Salah with congregation. Proper care of the masjid and other public property is stressed. The Grade concludes with Lessons on the importance of developing good manners towards one’s neighbors and others



Publisher: ICO – International Curricula Organization
Pages: 223
Dimensions: (20.32 x 27.94)
First Publishing Date: 07/01/2016


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