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    Golden Stories of Muslim Women


    All aspects of woman’s personality that reflect her intelligence, courage, piety, abstinence and chivalry are mentioned in this book. Their study inculcates a new spirit and motivation for betterment among all women and girls. It would also help men fully understand how women also possess qualities like bravery, intelligence and patience.

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    Heart-to-Heart with My Sisters Na’ima B. Robert (Foreword)


    The book Heart-to-Heart with My Sister’ is a discussion of the complexities of the contemporary time; the challenges Muslim women face in their daily lives. The author gives concise accounts of her experiences in marriage and medics, using the experiences of women she had come across, and general issues bothering people from afar. She communicated the idea in a deep and resonating manner to remind her sister of her duties and obligations as a slave of Allāh, and her role, status and duties as a wife. The author relates lessons to be learnt from true life events and solutions on vast topics ranging from seeking a spouse, the dignity of the woman, keeping the marriage bond, living apart, divorce, coping with infertility, coping with stress and anxiety, seeking halāl means of livelihood and socialising with other Muslim sisters physically and virtually. This book contains the records of some of her services to humanity while seeking the Face of her Lord. She employed simple diction to drive home her points as she talks to her Sisters as though they are conversing one-on-one. This book should be kept as a reminder, as reminder benefits the Believers. May Allāh bless the author and accept this great work as an act of worship.

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    Prophetic Matrimony: 40 Hadith On Marital Harmony



    Marriage is a sacred union that safeguards society and ensures the preservation of humanity. Islam has encouraged marriage and has provided much guidance on the topic. While there are many works on marriage; most of them cover the rituals, rites and legalities of marriage which is a necessity to implement the ceremony and contract. Yet there are few works in the English medium providing support after the hype and glitter fade and the spouses are faced with the reality of living together. People assume that after marriage the couple automatically fall in love with each other like a fairy tale, while the truth is that the marital relationship needs time, dedication, sacrifice, patience and mutual tolerance to secure itself, especially in the initial critical stages

    This compilation of Hadith seeks to highlight how the Prophet s.a.w. behaved: his expressions and gestures of kindness, love and intimacy. By acting upon these Hadith, one can hope that not only will they achieve closeness to Allah by emulating His Messenger s.a.w., but one can also build their bond with their spouses in this world and also be in each other’s company in the hereafter.

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    Smart Teenage Muslimah


    Smart Teenage Muslimah An Inspirational Guide for Muslim Girls

    The teenage years are a time to dream big and gain confidence as a Muslimah. So why are you’ being encouraged to be self-absorbed materialistic and promiscuous?

    The myth is peddled that you will be happier if you’re less religious. But are the ideas society expects you to embrace good for your mental health and well-being? Concepts such as self-objectification, rampant consumerism and secularism.

    I want you to know that being a Muslim is the best thing in the world. You are truly blessed! Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

    Smart Teenage Muslimah is a thought-provoking guide for

    Muslim girls. In the book, you will:

    • Discover guidance from our sacred texts to achieve peace of mind

    • Understand the purpose of your life

    • Learn what Islam has to say about puberty and sex

    • Get the facts about LGBTQIA+, feminism and gender identity

    So, if you’re a ‘Smart Teenage Muslimah’ whose goal is to succeed in this life and attain jannah in the next: this book is for you.

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    Girl, Your Goal Is Jannah


    Are you ready to embark on a journey that will change the course of your life? In a world overflowing with distractions, ‘Girl, Your Goal Is Jannah’ is the guiding star you’ve been searching for.

    Finding your path to jannah may seem daunting, but this book is your trusted companion, offering timeless wisdom, thought-provoking questions, and quotes from the Quran and Sunnah. It’s more than just a book; it’s your sanctuary for introspection.

    Embrace the uncomfortable questions, break free from the lies about who you are, and become who you were truly meant to be. The profound teachings of Islam come alive as you integrate them into your daily life, unlocking the transformative power of faith.

    Are you yearning for guidance to stay focused on your most cherished aspiration – Jannah? Each passage in this treasury of wisdom is a source of strength, reminding you that your blessed destination is within reach.

    Join countless Muslimahs on their sacred journey to Jannah, building good habits and breaking the ones that hold them back. This book is your roadmap to inspire change, navigate life’s challenges, and achieve your ultimate goal. Girl, your path is clear, and this book is your guide.

    Each passage includes:

    •Scripture – An inspiring ayah or hadith to reflect and meditate on, giving you time to memorise and ingrain it into your heart and soul.

    • Guided Journal – Pages with thoughts and questions prompted by the ayah and hadith, along with space to record your own thoughts and responses.

    A perfect companion for individual worship or for group Islamic study.

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    3 Essays On The Obligation Of Veiling


    This book contains treaties from three of the prominent scholars of this century, all of them being from Saudi Arabia. Although their treatise are in favor of the same view, that of the obligation of veiling, they vary in that they touch upon different topics related to the Hijaab. Altogether, they strengthen one another and provide an excellent source for obtaining the proofs and evidences regarding this issue. And further add to the benefit, several appendixes have been included, which contain the tafseer of relevant ayaat and quotes from many scholars of the past and present regarding proofs and points raised by the authors.

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    Aisha: The Wife, The Companion, The Scholar


    This book portrays one of the most significant personalities in the history of Islam. Taking the misunderstandings and defamation about her into consideration, Aisha needs to be understood correctly.

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    Al-Muhaddithat: The Women Scholars in Islam By M Akram Nadwi


    This book is an adaptation of the Muqaddimah or Preface to Mohammad Akram’s 40-volume biographical dictionary (in Arabic) of the Muslim women who studied and taught hadith. It demonstrates the central role women had in preserving the Prophet’s teaching, which remains the master-guide to understanding the Qur’an as rules and norms for life. Within the bounds of modesty in dress and manners, women routinely attended and gave classes in the major mosques and madrasas, travelled intensively for ‘the knowledge’, transmitted and critiqued hadith, issued fatwas, etc. Some of the most renowned scholars among men have depended on, and praised, the scholarship of their women teachers. The women scholars enjoyed considerable public authority in society, not exceptionally, but as the norm.

    The huge body of information reviewed in al-Muhaddithat is essential to understanding the role of women in Islamic society, their past achievement and future potential. Hitherto it has been so dispersed as to be ‘hidden’. Akram’s dictionary will greatly facilitate further study, contextualization and analysis.

    The cover shows the study journeys of Fatimah bint Sa`d al-Khayr, and a few of her principal teachers and students. Her family moved from Valencia to the western edge of China; she died in Cairo in 600 AH. (Full map and details in ch. 3.)

    About The Author

    Mohammad Akram Nadwi  currently a fellow of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, is an alumnus of the prestigious Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow. He has written many books on hadith, fiqh, Islamic biography, and Arabic grammar. This is his first major publication in English.

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    Dangers In Home


    Putting things right in the home is a great trust and huge responsibility which every Muslim man and/or woman should undertake as Allah commands. The following cautions aim to highlight some evil things that actually happen in some homes and that have become tools of destruction for the nests in which the future generations of the Muslim Ummah are being raised. This booklet highlights some of the haram (unlawful and forbidden things) in the light of the Quran & sunnah, in order to warn them about.

    Related books:

    Nurturing Eeman In Children By Dr Aisha Hamdan

    Sincere Advice & Guidance to The Muslim Women and The Rulings of The Evils of The Wedding Celebrations

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    Finding Peace In The Holy Land: A British Muslim Memoir, Lauren Booth


    Finding Peace in the Holy Land is a spiritual adventure story which begins in the quiet London suburb of Hampstead in the 1970s. Lauren’s father is a famous actor and political militant. Penniless and unable to pay the rent, he tells her that changing the world is the reason for living.

    After her early faith is shattered by a mysterious fire, Lauren paddles the shallows of celebrity life, where her political opinions pit her against the views of her brother-in-law, who just happens to be Prime Minister Tony Blair. This rare and relevant memoir is told with brisk honesty and sharp humour. It is a dramatic life story sweeping from the suburbs of North London to the olive groves of the Holy Land, from handball with Hamas to breaking a deadly siege by land and by sea.

    It tracks the singular journey of a one-time party girl and part-time Christian to the quiet, teetotal life of a devout believer in the teachings of the Arabian Prophet.


    Finding Peace in the Holy Land is a memoir by Lauren Booth, who is probably best well-known as Tony Blair’s sister-in-law. Beginning with her hilarious upbringing, and moving through her life as an actress, a political activist, and then a journalist and humanitarian, it is ultimately the story of how she came to Islam. – Muslimreads.com

    About The Author

    Lauren Booth has presented radio and TV series for amongst others; BBC Radio London, British Muslim TV, Press TV and the Islam Channel.

    She publishes articles across a wide platform and continues to tour internationally as a public speaker. Her talks focus on human rights, Islamophobia in the media, Palestinian justice and her own conversion to Islam.

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    From my sister’s lips

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    An extremely thought-provoking book that challenges Western preconceptions of Islamic women

    red from head to toe with only her eyes visible, the sight of a Muslim woman on a western city street rarely fails to provoke a strong reaction. Feelings of shock, horror, repulsion, pity or even fear are not uncommon. But have you ever wondered who it is behind the veil and what makes her tick? Ever wondered what her life is really like and whether her dreams, hopes and aspirations differ from yours? From My Sisters’ Lips offers a rare glimpse into the lives of a community of women, most of whom are converts to Islam, and invites you to share their joys, sorrows, convictions and faith.

    When Na’ima B Robert abandoned her western lifestyle and embraced Islam six years ago, it was not a decision taken lightly. Yet soon after she took her first tentative steps towards covering, she felt empowered; no longer judged on physical appearances alone, no longer seeking the approval to feel beautiful – or using her looks to wield power over men – the experience effected her greatly. Before long she grew in confidence and courage. As she says, ‘Something just clicked. I thought, “Good, don’t look; don’t compare me with your latest squeeze, don’t try and guess my measurements – my body is my own business!”‘
    From My Sisters’ Lips offers a glimpse into the lives of just some of the extraordinary women who, like herself, have chosen to live behind the veil. What emerges is a vivid and intimate portrait of a sisterhood; as they speak candidly and with conviction on a diverse range of subjects ranging from marriage to motherhood, stereotypes, submission and self-image, we hear the strong, proud voices of those who are seldom heard.

    Review “Extremely thought-provoking, this challenges Western preconceptions of Islamic women” ( Telegraph) “A stereotypical view paints Islam as a religion which represses women. But this is not the full picture, as Na’ima B. Robert argues in her new book” ( Daily Mail) “Spiritual awakening is at the core of this book… Robert shows how Islam has made a positive difference to the lives of women from wildly different backgrounds, with fascinating results”

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    Heaven Under Your Feet


    Pregnancy is an ultimate time to turn to Allah. Not only is it a physical process, it is also a spiritual and emotional journey filled with excitement and apprehension. Heaven Under Your Feet accompanies sisters along this beautiful phase in life.

    Whilst there is lots of advice-packed literature out there for the expectant mother, this book broaches the subject from the perspective of a Muslimah, addressing the thoughts and concerns of someone looking for an Islamic viewpoint on what is a unique and special moment in her life.

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