5Pillars Board Game


  • It is the traditional family board game with a board, tiles, tokens, check-marks and 750 question cards on the 5 pillars of Islam (150 cards for each pillar that is separated into 5 difficulty levels).
  • In this game teams take turns to answer questions on the pillars of Islam at 5 difficulty levels. In exchange for answering correctly they win points and pillar tiles which they place on their team’s pillar on the board.
  • 5Pillars Fun Box is the traditional party-style activity card game similar to games like Taboo/Cranium/Pictionary.
  • It comes with a Sand-Timer, a Coin and 500 cards (250 Islamic trivia and 250 challenge activities which includes Acting, Drawing, BuzzWord and BrainTeaser).

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They have to strategically collect tiles to see which team can collect all tiles and fill their pillar on the board first. The catch during the questioning round is similar to the catch in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in that whenever a team takes a chance to go to the higher level question in a pillar round they may lose points/tiles they already collected in the lower levels if they get the higher level wrong.

Players: 2-10 (2 teams)

Ages: 10+

Playing Time: 60 minutes

Components Included: 1 game box, 1 game board, 2 punch cards with 25 pillar tiles each, 1 punch card with 5 pillar tokens, 1vacuum tray, 750 cards, 1 instruction manual

In this game teams take turns at doing activities that are fun and fast paced. You flip the coin and if you got Trivia then the 1-minute sand timer begins and your team gets to answer as much trivia in 1 minute as possible. If you got challenge then a team member draws a challenge card and follows the instructions on the card. Drawing challenges are similar to Pictionary where you have to draw and get your team to guess and of course the word/phrase on the card will have an Islamic theme. Acting challenges are the same as Charades but the word/phrase has an Islamic theme. BuzzWords is similar to Taboo but there are 3 words/phrases you need to get your team to say by explaining it to them but without saying any of the 9 BuzzWords that appear on the card. BrainTeaser is a riddle that sometimes require a team to open the Quran and look for answers (BrainTeaser example: order the chapters of the Quran in the 29th part starting with the Surah with the least number of verses and ending with the Surah that has the most number of verses. This will need to be written on paper by the team within 1 minute). After one team goes then its the next team’s turn and so on and of course each round the team wins a certain number of points that they record and at the end whoever has the most points wins.

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