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    What to Say When… (Card Game)


    Protect Your Child By Connecting Them to Allah

    Do you ever wish that your child had a stronger connection with their Lord?

    Do you want your child to be under Allah’s protection?

    One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to ensure your child constantly remembers Allah. There are duas for all occasions and with What to Say When you can ensure your child is building a stronger bond between themselves and Allah whilst also enjoying themselves. Here’s how:

    • What to Say When contains everyday duas so that their learning practical and they get plenty of chances of practice the words throughout the day.
    • Each dua is isolated on its own card in large text and broken down into small chunks making it easy for your child to memorise.
    • Every dua is translated in English so your child can unlock the powerful meanings of these words.
    • There are cute pictures illustrating each dua in action so that your child can visualise when and where the words would be used.
    • The What to Say When cards can also be used in game play so your child can have fun learning the duas whilst also being able to independently track their own progress.
    • The What to Say When has helped thousands of children across the globe familiarise themselves both the everyday duas and has also been used by many madrasahs to teach these powerful words to children.
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    • Banner “Eid Mubarak”
    • White and gold marble design
    • Golden colored letters
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    White Dress with Blue Patches


    Length: 141cm, Bust:94cm, Waist:76 cm and Hip: 100cm

    Long Sleeve

    Size: 40

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    Wide Leg Pintucked Jeans Black

    Original price was: €40,00.Current price is: €35,00.

    Size: L (Lenght – 107cm, Waist – 44cm and Hip – 55cm)

    Fabric: Cotton 100%

    Colour: Black

    SHUKR Clothing.


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    Dark Plum Evening Dress

    Original price was: €30,00.Current price is: €23,99.

    Size: 38 (Length:145cm, Waist:72cm, Bust:90cm and Hip:96cm )


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    Wine Pleated Skirt

    Original price was: €25,00.Current price is: €19,99. Quick View
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    Women’s Long Sleeved Bolero Shrug Hijab Shoulder Arm

    • Sizes Available: ONE SIZE ( Back Length: approx. 16cm, Shoulder Width: approx. 36cm, Sleeve Length: approx. 58cm, Cuff: approx. 18cm)
    • Material: Modal Cotton, soft and comfortable
    • Blue and Black
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    XL Chiffon Scarf

    • Great scarf of 1 m 55 chiffon quality.
    • Colours in stock: Black, Stone, Mustard Yellow, Navy Blue, Mauve, Wine, Brown & Parma.
    • Indicate your choice of colour at the checkout.
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    XXL Jersey Shawl

    • Shawl in viscose United large format
    • High-quality fabrics and very fluid
    • Tissue does not slip (a good maintained even without PIN)
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    Yan’s Hajj, The Journey Of A Lifetime By Fawzia Gilani


    About The Book

    Yann’s trip to perform Hajj turns into a journey that lasts a lifetime. A heart-warming tale about helping others.

    Yan is a big-hearted young man determined to perform Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah. But first, he must work hard on his farm and fill up his money bag for the journey. Despite the trials he faces on each unsuccessful trip to the Kaaba, Yan’s helpful nature, compassion, and generosity enable him to succeed in the end.

    About The Author

    Fawzia Gilani-Williams was born in England where she graduated as a teacher. She serves as an international educational consultant with a PhD in children’s literature and character development. She is a Global Representative for the International Positive Education Network and works for the Abu Dhabi Education Council in the UAE.

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    Yasarnul Quran | Plastic , English Notes Yassarnal, Qaidah


    Qaidah Yasarnul Quran : Easy to  Learn Qur’an (Plastic) 
    Compiled by Qaari Muhammad Islamil Afzal
    Paperback 56 Pages
    Publisher: Azhar Academy Ltd

    Colour Coded

    About The Book

    Yasaranal Quran is perhaps one of the most recommended books to teach children and adults Arabic alike. It not only enables one to read the Holy Quran with the right pronunciation, but also helps in improving one’s Arabic reading skills. A must for every Muslim family.

    This book contains:

    • Sift E Iman,
    • Six Kalimah,
    • Prayers During Salah,
    • Janazah Salah,
    • Dua Qunoot, and
    • Ayat al-Kursee
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